Wedding Photography Service Team

Mark Warren - Photographer and Editor

I have been taking pictures since I was 12, my father bought me a Praktica 35mm film camera and I fell in love with the idea of story telling.  As I got older I started to work for a camera store and just loved being around cameras and the photographic industry in general. 

The feeling of taking a picture and waiting to either develop it or have it back from the developers was exciting and the first time you see a picture you have taken that looks amazing is addictive.  As my passion grew and technology advanced I moved in to commercial photography where I positioned myself as a jewellery photographer essential for websites and whist I enjoyed it I know there was more to do in the industry and that is where the journey started me on the road the being a wedding photographer, from models, to studio work to family portraiture and finally settling here in the wedding industry.

So hundreds of thousands of pictures later and I still get the magical feeling when you see a picture you have taken, the memory of what was happening as you clicked the shutter and seeing a clients face when they review your work.  The wedding day is magical and the photographs we deliver to our clients are there to keep that magic going forever.

Diana Warren - Designer, Organiser and Stylist

I am the eyes behind Mark, when he is looking through the camera he sees his dials, his digits and his exposure, I on the other hand see the BIGGER PICTURE. What should be in the image, what needs taking out and also turning down Mark's creative ability when he goes over the top in Photoshop editing your wedding pictures.

On a normal day I can be found holding a camera or two along with a reflector to push extra light in to an image along with some flash guns or lighting equipment to ensure the light is pointed exactly where we want in – on you!

During the wedding I talk to you and the guests to ensure that everyone knows where to be and what is expected of them for the formal photographs and then once these are out of the way I sneak away and get my camera out to get those intimate moments that really turn a wedding day image in to a priceless picture that captivates you.